Thursday, October 6, 2011

It was the rain's fault

For the first time all semester, I didn't take the stairs yesterday. I really wanted to, so I wasn't trying to get out of it. There were actually very good reasons not to, and here they are:

It was raining. For those of you unfamiliar with the Los Angeles area, something you must know is that LA drivers turn into giant morons when it's raining. Traffic becomes ridiculous and it takes at least twice the time it should take to get anywhere. Such was the case on my way to school, and I was way late. I have a friend in class, and I sent her a text asking her to let me know when they started the test. This teacher likes to give her tests in the second half of class, so I was hoping to get there in time. The parking lot at the top of the stairs is not the closest one, so my biggest reason was that I was trying to beat the clock and get to class. Another reason was that the parking lot at the top of the stairs is a dirt parking lot, and dirt+rain=mud, which I try to avoid at all costs. The third and final reason was that IT WAS RAINING!!! Stairs in the rain are dangerous, and I am a magnet for hurting my ankles. If there's a way, I'll find it. So I stay away from things like slippery stairs and uneven terrain in the dark.

So I missed doing the stairs yesterday, but in just a few hours I'll be shaking my bootie off in Zumba!

Stupid rain.


  1. Your excuses for not taking the stairs are very reasonable and I believe you should be officially released from all verbal promises of stair climbing in such circumstances. Enjoy the bootie shaking tonight. Your muuther says so.

  2. Thank you muuuther. By the way, where it says that your name is anonymous, you can write your name there.