Sunday, June 12, 2016

Operation mountain goat

I've had my eye on this particular hiking trail for about six months now.  I keep saying I'm gonna go do the hike, and I've asked people multiple times to come with me, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Also, I'm super out of shape so I'm a little bit afraid of this hike, since I don't know what it holds.  Is it crazy terrain?  Is it super steep?  Does it lead to the den of a hungry mountain lion waiting to devour whatever out of shape fool wanders near?  I have no clue. 

I think what I want more than anything is to just be able to go climb up that mountain like it's not a big deal.  I don't want hills and hiking to get in the way of my life.  I want to be able to hike down into the hills of Embo in South Africa and take pictures of the people in their homes and in their poverty and not worry about spraining my ankles or breaking any bones or not being able to climb back out.

So the other day I was coming home from going on a walk with my friend Tracy, and I didn't feel like I had gotten enough of a workout.  I was passing the hiking trail and I decided that I was just gonna go for it.  I was already dressed for it, which is half the battle, and I was right there.  It was time.

I started out on the trail and was relieved to find out that it's broad and pretty level.  Not tons of loose rocks, although there was plenty of loose horse poo and pretty little bursts of flowers/weeds, none of which I wanted to step on.

The trail is easy enough, and not too steep, but being so out of shape, it was still difficult for me.

I decided to hike uphill for a mile, and then simultaneously regretted my decision (mostly because I had to go to the bathroom) and determined to see it through (and prayed that God would put a hold on my need for a toilet.)

This was about halfway into my uphill mile.

 I may look uncertain, but I was happy to be there, and the views were totally worth it.

 Here I am at exactly one mile up, with the sun and the hardest work behind me.

It's embarrassing that this easy of a hike is difficult for me.  When Tim and I have kids, I want to be able to go on hikes like this as a family.  I want to lead by example and not just "shoulds."  I want to establish habits of a healthy lifestyle from the get go, and that needs to start now.  Time to get serious about this climb.