Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Zumba time again!

Although I haven't gone to bed yet so I'm still considering it Wednesday, technically it is Thursday, which means Zumba with Liz! Once again, Liz has been so encouraging, and has convinced me to pick up more Zumba classes throughout the week to intensify my work-out routine and speed up my weight loss. Encouragement and accountability is really amazing motivation! I was all set to start new classes at the gym closest to where I live, but then I remembered that I am house sitting this week, and there are no gyms near this house. At least none that I can go to, since my membership is limited to "Active" gyms only, when a majority of 24 Hour Fitnesses are Sport of Super Sport clubs. I honestly can't complain though, as I only pay $3.83/month for my membership. There is an exercise bike here at this house, though, which I have yet to ride, but I'll be here for three more days, so I'll make sure to take advantage of it. Monday and Wednesday, I climbed the stairs as usual at school, and it really is getting easier. My thighs and gluts don't burn nearly as much at the top as they did at the beginning of the semester.

All this exercise and mindful eating lately has really been paying off, and I am only five pounds away from my first goal that I set years ago. When I lose five more pounds, my driver's license will no longer be lying about my weight! Once I accomplish that, my next goal is to make that license be a lie again, but in the opposite direction. Goal number two will be to lose forty pounds, and I want to be there by my birthday in March, if not before. But I'm not gonna focus on that just yet... let's just lose that last five and have a major celebration that my sixty-pound first goal is complete! I should throw a party!

Liz and me after Zumba last week.

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