Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One foot back on the wagon

I think I accidentally lost some weight. 

I mean, I have been consciously trying to be better at healthful eating, but I haven't been working out, and that's what usually keeps me on track. I have been crazy busy, though. 

For the second half of July and the first half of August, I was moving out of my apartment and into my aunt's house, and also attempting to adhere to a Whole 30 diet. It turns out that Whole 30 is really difficult when you don't have a regular refrigerator to store healthful food in, and when you don't really have the money to buy the right foods in the first place, and when all the time you need for cooking said healthful food goes to packing and moving and working and not even enough sleeping. 

But Whole 30, although I didn't go through with it completely, did help me out a lot. It broke some bad habits I had gotten back into, like eating a lot of sugar. It got me back in the habit of drinking tons of water. And it restored my healthy mindset. 

The fact that I quit working at the vet was also a big help in my Whole 30 successes. I couldn't handle the constant onslaught of food every weekend. Also that job stressed me out so much (not the job itself.  There were coworker situations that were beginning to make me crazy.), and food was comforting. 

I have a problem. But we already knew that. 

So being away from the weekend sabotage-tastic job, playing along with Whole 30 for three weeks, keeping myself too busy moving, and then trips to Houston and Africa ousted me out of my unhealthy backslidden routine of the past two years, and suddenly I'm feeling a little bit lighter. 

Today I bought this dress (for $7 because I rule at finding good deals!) and I felt downright not sausage-y!  I know, that's a long way from any actual goals I have, but I've been feeling like a sausage in everything I wear for the past year, and it's not a good feeling. 

I'm actually motivated to go to the gym tonight!  It also helps that I can take a shower at the gym, and the shower situation where I live is more of a walk-in-tub situation.  That should be enough of a reason to keep me going back!  

I like showers.