Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not an excuse

Sometimes there is a legitimate need to take a break from the gym. It's called finals. They happen next week, and until then, I am going to be studying like crazy. I'm still going to Zumba tomorrow night with Liz, and on Friday I will be working out by walking around all day at Disneyland (it's the last day my pass won't be blocked out for Christmas), and Monday and today I did the stairs at school, but other than that, working out is being placed on hold temporarily. Don't freak out in concern, this will DEFINITELY not put me off track. I'm sort of dying right now because of all the energy I need to burn. I want to go work out, but I just don't have time until finals are over. But I'm feeling the need to run.

You know what's awesome? When I started this workout kick, the stairs at school and Zumba were the entire routine, and now when I can only do those things, it doesn't feel like nearly enough! I love the changes in my energy levels, my body, and my lifestyle! Finals are so mean for taking me away from the gym!

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