Thursday, February 2, 2012

The gym is betta with a brotha

Thanks to my brother, I have begun to incorporate strength training into my gym routine. And it's fun! Brian knows what he's doing, and he's teaching me the ropes so that I'm not a totally clueless loser, although I'm pretty sure all the people around me think I'm ridiculous whenever I roll off the exercise ball onto the floor and crack up while trying to keep my shins on the ball and my elbows on the ground. I swear, one of these days my core will be so tough and strengthy that I won't even need the exercise ball... I'll just levitate! Take THAT, guy who was looking at me like I suck at fitness. I DON'T suck at fitness!! I've lost a hundred pounds! Some people even call me Fitness Kate! And by "some people even call me Fitness Kate", I mean my brother-in-law once said he didn't like this "Fitness Kate", when I wouldn't go get some greasy food with him because I had to go work out instead. But I'm pretending that he meant it in a good way, and taking that name to the gym. It sounds fierce. I don't even GO by Kate most of the time, but Katie sounds kind of weeny in comparison. Kate is more hard core. Like a gangsta. Or a fitness guru. I like the word guru.

Anyway, Brian (he won't let me call him Sweaty B) and Fitness Kate have been hitting the gym together a couple times a week, and I'm hoping to make it happen more often, which will be easier once school starts next week and I'll be in his area all the time. Then we can rock out together on the regular. Like this:


Two sort of random things:

1) I still haven't started running and I'm weirdly scared about it, but I really want to do it! I need a running buddy.

2) I was out the other night for a friend's birthday, and I went into a bar. The guy at the door looked at my license for a LONG TIME before letting me in. It makes sense though... I've lost seventy pounds since that picture was taken, and I look really young, so I could totally have a fake I.D. I don't though. I'm thirty, I swear. Here's my license picture compared to a picture I took just now:


I guess I should get a new license picture taken, although I'll probably wait until I've lost another 50 to 70 pounds.

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