Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day One Progress

Yesterday was day one, and I am finding this breezy so far. But I have yet to be confronted with portion control, so I'm not getting too comfortable. Erin and I have been texting and discussing our meals and the things that are difficult for us. She is having a hard time, but doing an amazing job at not snacking! Her husband even called her from work to encourage her, which is great to hear!

I went to Trader Joe's last night and bought some yogurt, muesli, milk and almonds. I like to eat a light breakfast, and a small portion of muesli enhanced yogurt is always a good choice. I had that this morning (okay, I'm not gonna lie... this afternoon. I got up at 1pm, but I was at my cousin Gillian's until about 4 in the morning, so I got to bed really late.) for breakfast. Scrambled eggs is another good breakfast for me, but I had some of those last night as part of my dinner. I don't get sick of food quickly at all, and could eat the same meal repeatedly without coming to despise it, but I suppose I shouldn't eat the same thing for every meal. I do eat a lot of eggs, though, and buy them in bulk (5 dozen!!) at Costco.

I forgot to bring almonds to work with me for a snack, but I'm about to head over to my Aunt Jo's house, where I can eat dinner. I am sure to be faced with a portion control challenge there, as Aunt Jo always provides fantastic meals. My strategy will be to use a small plate. I will have salad first (as I always do. If you eat salad before your meal, it aids in digestion! Thanks to Gillian for finding excellent eating tips while she was pregnant!), and then eat only what fits on the small plate comfortably.

In talking to people about starting this way of healthful eating, I have come across a few people who would like to join, and I have begun to hatch a plan! Everyone who participates will support and encourage each other, but I want people to have a team member. Your team member will be your accountability partner, and also the person you enter challenges with! We can have a weekly or monthly challenge, which I will set each Sunday for the following week. Each person that joins should state what their goal for the year is, and their particular rules for eating and exercise. I have the option of adding bloggers, so if anyone would like to blog about their own progress or that of their team, let me know. If you just want to comment every once in a while with your progress, that's fine too.

I'm getting excited about this! The more support we all have, the better we will do!

Oh, and this morning I was down by a pound. :)

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